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Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol dependence, also known as alcoholism, is a disease that affects not only the alcoholic but also the people around him or her. Alcoholics usually put their drinking habit before everything else, even at the risk of losing people they love and endangering their own lives.

What usually starts out as occasional, social drinking can turn into a full-blown addiction if left unchecked. There is no definite cause of alcoholism. Some studies show that children of alcoholic parents have a high tendency to become alcoholics themselves, while others attribute the cause to environmental and psychological factors. Although the actual cause of alcoholism is not certain, most experts agree it is a treatable disease. For more information about alcoholism and the location of a high-class outpatient treatment center near you, feel free to call us at 1-888-968-9816 Who Answers? to speak with one of our expert advisors.

Did you know? People who are physically dependent on alcohol experience withdrawal symptoms when they abstain from using it. These symptoms include nausea, uncontrollable shaking and excessive sweating.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

It is normal for alcoholics to deny that they have a problem and refuse any help they are offered. A lot of them hide their addiction, which makes it hard to detect until it has progressed to a serious level. Most people who drink regularly do not realize they have become alcoholics until something terrible happens to them or someone they love because of their excessive drinking. It is possible to avoid the negative consequences of alcohol abuse by knowing the signs of alcohol addiction and convincing alcoholics to consider going to an outpatient alcoholism treatment center to get the help they need.

The signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction include:

  • Drinking alone
  • Inability to limit alcohol consumption
  • Hiding bottles of alcohol in unusual places
  • Problems with relationships, work and the law caused by constant or excessive drinking
  • Habitual drinking at odd hours
  • Memory loss and blackouts
  • Irritability and anxiety if alcohol is not available
  • Exhibiting withdrawal symptoms when not able to drink

In extreme cases, the alcoholic is not able to function at all without having a drink. This is the last of the five stages of alcohol addiction, and it is during this stage that dangerous and reckless behavior becomes more pronounced. Most alcoholics are able to hide their addiction until they reach this stage. This is why it is ideal to become familiar with the signs of alcoholism in the early stages. Once a person displays some or all of these symptoms, bring him or her to a renowned outpatient alcohol treatment center right away.

Did you know? Alcoholism is a progressive disease that has five known stages. As alcoholics go through each stage, it becomes more difficult for them to stop drinking until they reach the last stage, wherein they need alcohol in order to function normally.

Side Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction causes terrible physical and psychological side effects, especially in those who have been drinking for a prolonged period of time. These side effects can go unnoticed, particularly in people who are good at hiding their addiction. Habitual excessive drinking can lead to depression, suicidal tendencies and problems with work and relationships. You can address the side effects of alcoholism by getting help and counseling at an outpatient alcohol treatment center.

Aside from counseling, those who suffer from physical side effects need medical attention right away. Alcoholics may experience health problems such as erectile dysfunction, hypertension, gastrointestinal issues, short-term memory loss, liver and heart complications, diabetes, fetal alcohol syndrome in unborn children and, in some cases, even cancer. The Centers for Disease Control reported that 15,183 deaths occurred due to liver problems caused by alcoholism in 2009.

If someone you know is suffering from the physical and psychological side effects of alcohol addiction, call us at 1-888-968-9816 Who Answers? to speak with our expert advisors about finding a top-of-the-line outpatient alcohol treatment center near your home.

Did you know? One side effect of alcoholism is alcoholic ketoacidosis (AKA), wherein an alcoholic stops taking in food, fluids and alcohol altogether due to gastrointestinal problems. People suffering from AKA should get medical attention immediately.

Importance of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers

Treatment for alcoholism is almost impossible if the addict does not accept that he or she has a problem. Often people accept their alcohol addiction only after they reach rock bottom, which usually means their alcohol use has caused a terrible tragedy in their lives. In other cases, families and friends stage interventions to let the alcoholic know how this disease is affecting them.

Once an alcoholic accepts that he or she has a problem, the next step is to enter either an inpatient or outpatient alcohol addiction treatment center, depending on the severity of the problem and the alcoholic’s preferences. Most treatment centers use the 12-step philosophy introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you think you need to get immediate attention for your alcoholism, feel free to call us at 1-888-968-9816 Who Answers? for assistance with locating the best outpatient alcohol treatment facility near you.

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