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Top Percocet Treatment Facilities

Percocet is a prescription pain reliever for moderate to intense pain. A combination of narcotic oxycodone with less potent analgesic acetaminophen, Percocet reduces pain to a degree that neither component drug does individually. Due to the possibility of addiction or overdose, physicians prescribe this medication in fixed dosages for limited periods. Percocet addiction is often signaled by the desire for higher doses to achieve the same level of relief and by increased time spent obtaining the drug. A Percocet user who suspects that he or she is dependent on or addicted to the drug should consider a residential Percocet rehabilitation program. Since withdrawal symptoms can range from anxiety and insomnia to high fever and gastrointestinal upset, medical supervision is essential. A private treatment facility is the optimal environment for initial recovery.

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Choosing the Best Private Percocet Treatment Facility

Percocet TreatmentThe immediate and total cessation of Percocet use is dangerous to anyone seeking help for addiction…withdrawal may also result in hazardous light-headedness, severe pain in muscles and bones, a reduced respiration rate, convulsions and seizures, and even death in some cases.
The immediate and total cessation of Percocet use is dangerous to anyone seeking help for addiction. In addition to the symptoms listed above, withdrawal may also result in hazardous light-headedness, severe pain in muscles and bones, a reduced respiration rate, convulsions and seizures, and even death in some cases. A gradual tapering off in use is the best strategy for recovering effectively and minimizing discomfort. A private Percocet addiction program employs health care practitioners to monitor symptoms and manage the intake reduction. In the course of treatment, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and other vital signs are checked regularly. Doctors and nurses experienced in addiction withdrawal are on-site to address physical reactions as the presence of Percocet is diminished.

Beyond physical detoxification, the best rehab for addiction to Percocet involves psychological and emotional reconditioning. Patients learn the benefits of avoiding Percocet as well as the long-term consequences of resuming regular use. The program will help them to find the strength required to stay off the drug. The care providers will also help to identify thought patterns, behaviors, and environments that foster intense cravings for Percocet and other substances. Sometimes, the roots of addiction are deep, perhaps sprouting from another mental illness. The intense and ongoing methods of a long-term rehabilitation center are well-suited to bring underlying pathologies to the surface, making permanent freedom from Percocet much more likely. In this way, a Percocet abuser can benefit from a program that consists of 45 to 90 days of medically supervised detoxification and intensive psychotherapy.

Top-rated rehab for addiction to Percocet provides the tools for a lifetime without the addictive substance. While each individual case differs from another, certain programs are common among many rehab patients. For example, getting the patient plugged into a 12-step support program is necessary to remain clean. This type of group fellowship can give powerful emotional support to someone struggling with addiction. Interacting with others who share the same challenges reminds the ex-addict that he or she is not alone and that others have achieved victory over Percocet addiction. Many residential treatment programs also practice family therapy. This educational tool gives those closest to the drug abuser insight into the problem. With this information in hand, they can be more supportive and helpful to the addict than they otherwise could.
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