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The Best Rehab Centers

As per the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), deciding to seek help for drug or alcohol addiction is probably the most important step someone suffering from substance abuse can take. The next step would be to find the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center he or she can find. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be one of the most challenging struggles an individual will ever have to face. When addiction sufferers are ready to find help, they will want to get it at a top-rated rehab facility that knows how to treat their particular type of addiction and keep them from relapsing. In order to find the best treatment facilities, you have to understand the qualities that make a rehab center a great rehab center.

Quality of the Program and Staff

One of the most important parts of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers is the staff. When considering a center, find out the following information:

  • Check out the educational and experience level of the staff that you will be dealing with. Make sure that they are completely comfortable with and understand your type of addiction.
  • Find out the staff-to-patient ratio. Regardless of whether you are in inpatient or outpatient care, make sure there is always a staff member available to help you when you need them. There may be times when you need immediate attention, and you want to be sure that you will be taken care of.
  • Check out the overall vibe of the center. Drug addiction is hard enough to overcome without being in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Find out if the center is affiliated with any medical facilities or hospitals in the area. Many centers have relationships with local hospitals. If your chosen facility has this type of arrangement, that should give you peace of mind in case something goes wrong.


Getting to and from a treatment facility can be both physically and emotionally challenging for you and your family. Finding out ahead of time about the center’s accessibility may save you a headache in the future.

If you are doing outpatient treatment, choose a facility that is easy for you to get to. You will want a center near your place of employment, your home or wherever you spend most of your time. Getting to and from your appointments and sessions will take a lot of emotional willpower. You do not want to have a built-in excuse for not making it to sessions by choosing an inconvenient location.

If you are doing inpatient care, find out about the visitor policy. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a large part of the healing process with drug or alcohol addiction is having access to family members that can provide you with emotional support. There are times when it is best that you be alone to get through the parts of the program that require intense individual attention, and this may be part of a center’s rules. At other times, however, you may want or need the emotional support of your loved ones, and it would be nice to know that they can be there if you wish.

Type of Programs Offered

Find out exactly how the rehabilitation center you choose is going to deal with your addiction. All facilities have their own ways of dealing with different types of addiction. Some facilities use established, well-known methods of detox and rehab, while others use their own signature programs.

Find out what kind of counseling and therapy will be offered once the detox period is over. The top-rated rehabilitation facilities are not only concerned with breaking your addiction. They also want to make sure that you stay clean after your detox. They understand the importance of therapy and counseling following detox and will make sure it is a part of your overall plan. There are different types of therapies available, including family, group and individual. Check with your rehab center to find out what they have planned for you.

Determine what kind of aftercare is offered. Sometimes the dangers of relapse come months after treatment is finished. Ask if they offer any sort of support if that happens in your case. A top drug rehabilitation center will make sure that you can obtain some sort of support long after you leave the program. The best centers will make sure that you have the tools to live amongst your family and friends again in a healthful way. They will provide both you and your loved ones with the tools to navigate this brave, new, addiction-free world together.

Congratulations on the first move toward freedom from addiction. The road ahead may seem scary, but partnering with a top-rated rehab facility can mean the difference between failure and success. Call our 24-hour rehab hotline with any questions that you may have. A caring advisor can walk you through any questions or concerns and point you in the direction of a center that can help. You have already taken the first step.