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Top Ketamine Rehab Centers

If you, a friend or a family member is addicted to the drug Ketamine, also known by the nicknames K or Special K, you know the ways it can harm a person’s life. Getting help from a residential rehabilitation program makes the process more effective than doing it alone. This type of program offers you the medical and emotional expertise needed to get you off Ketamine and begin the process of becoming a healthy person again. The sooner you begin treatment at a private treatment center, the sooner you can reclaim your life. It is never too late to start treatment. Ketamine rehab centers offer addicts who are ready to quit many advantages over other methods, and those who seek treatment for addiction are more likely to defeat their addiction and avoid a relapse than those who do not.

Choosing the Best Private Ketamine Treatment Facility

Ketamine was developed in 1962 as an anesthetic. It was used in Vietnam for that purpose, but by the 1970s, patients began to report that the medication caused hallucinations. Today, the drug is often used as a club drug. It is manufactured as a clear liquid that can be injected, but when sold on the street, it normally has been evaporated to create a powder. This condensed form is then snorted or ingested. Abusers take the drug for the psychedelic trips it creates. It also can create side effects such as temporary memory loss, numbness, impaired motor functions or nausea. Many users also describe out-of-body experiences where they are often unable to see, hear, or communicate with other people in the room. Users often describe the feelings in these episodes as godlike.

Abusers find the dissociation from normal existence extremely appealing. This creates a situation where extreme psychological dependency can result.Centers.orgKetamine addiction is normally more psychological than physical, though the physical addiction can become increasingly powerful after extended periods of abuse. Addicts often take Ketamine several times a day, and it can be very difficult to stop taking it. Abusers find the dissociation from normal existence extremely appealing. This creates a situation where extreme psychological dependency can result. Over time, abusers build a tolerance for the drug, and they must take larger doses to achieve the same result they felt previously. The process can take anywhere from weeks to months. The more tolerant an addict is to the effects of the drug, the more useful private addiction help becomes. Seeking help from professionals is often the best way to break the hold these drugs have on your brain.

For those seeking inpatient treatment, a stay of 45 to 90 days at a Ketamine rehabilitation center can prove beneficial. Studies have consistently shown that completing an inpatient program of longer than 30 days reduces the risk of relapse. In these centers, addicts receive the emotional support and medical advice they need to successfully stop taking Ketamine. Because Ketamine can create such a strong emotional attachment between the user and the drug, completing an inpatient program will help you learn better ways to cope with sources of stress that can lead to drug abuse. The program will also provide you with the good nutrition, rest and medication needed to successfully detox from Ketamine.

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