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Top Khat Rehab Centers

Khat, also known as miraa, kat, catha, or qat, is an illicit drug. Khat is illegal in the United States, but legal in many European countries, the Arabian Peninsula, and East Africa. Even though it is grown in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, it still finds its way to the United Sates. To unsuspecting eyes, khat can easily pass for a vegetable shipment. Like many other illicit drugs, khat abuse has many detrimental health effects. Some of the common side effects include hypertension, anorexia, tachycardia, and insomnia. Prolonged abuse can lead to the development of violent behavior, hallucinations, suicidal depression, manic behavior, and physical exhaustion. Like other illicit drugs, khat is habit forming, making it easy for one to develop an addiction. However, if you are an addict you can always kick the habit with the help of a residential rehabilitation program. Here, we provide a list of some of the best inpatient khat rehab facilities.

Choosing the Best Private Khat Treatment Facility

…many addicts fall back into drug use when in an outpatient rehabilitation program.Centers.orgThe importance of drug addiction treatment cannot be overemphasized. There are many different rehabilitation programs; some are inpatient, while others offer outpatient services. Inpatient rehabilitation is also referred to as residential rehabilitation. Private khat addiction programs offer inpatient service, which is great for people who want to kick the habit. Note that with an inpatient program, the addict does not leave the premises but is always under 24-hour surveillance by the doctors and other health workers. In such an environment, khat addicts receive complete emotional, psychological, and even spiritual help. This inpatient treatment is greatly recommended for seasoned drug users as it is evident that many addicts fall back into drug use when in an outpatient rehabilitation program. It is difficult for addicts to kick the habit when they have the drugs readily available for their use, but they can more easily stop using drugs when in a drug-free zone.

The amount of time a patient spends in a rehab center will vary. Many rehabs offer a program running for 30 days or more, including 45-90 day programs. You should look for a top-rated rehab for addiction to khat. While inpatient programs tend to be more expensive than outpatient programs, inpatient programs have a higher success rate than outpatient programs. Research has shown that people who have completed a 30-day or longer inpatient rehabilitation program have a lower chance of relapsing. In inpatient programs, doctors are able to observe the behavior of each addict and come up with personalized treatment programs. Finding a good rehab for the drug addiction treatment is necessary if full rehabilitation is to be achieved. Many insurance companies and rehab facilities offer financing options. We provide a comprehensive list of the best rehabs in your state.
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