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Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury rehab centers assist people with overcoming addiction to drugs, alcohol and other powerful physical or psychological dependencies. These centers are typically located at major resort locations and combine amenities similar to those found at world-class resorts with the best possible treatment options. Many centers possess full-time staffs of medical professionals, including doctors, nurses and counselors who can give clients the full benefit of their attention and knowledge during the rehabilitation process. Many celebrities, politicians and other public figures retreat to such private centers to help with overcoming their addictions while still maintaining the lifestyle they regularly enjoy at their favorite vacation spots. Amenities found in luxury rehab centers often include:

  • Golf
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Spa treatments
  • Equine therapy
  • Gourmet cuisine
  • Massage therapy

These amenities allow clients to relax and focus on their rehabilitation without the stress or worries that may follow them in less upscale locations. For knowledgeable assistance with understanding the benefits of luxury addiction treatment facilities, please fill out our secure and confidential contact form or call 1-888-968-9816 Who Answers? .

Determining a Course of Action

Many luxury rehab centers offer assistance prior to arrival at the center. Skilled program managers can assist clients with setting up the best course of action to address the challenges inherent in rehabilitation. Schedules often alternate treatment and informational courses with recreational activities or relaxation sessions. Gourmet meals are typically also planned at this stage, with program managers making note of any food preferences or allergies at this time. Typically, guests arriving at the rehab center are welcomed by the manager responsible for their primary care for the duration of the treatment. Managers may answer any questions from guests or direct them to knowledgeable professionals able to help them understand the specific rehabilitation processes used by the center.

Locating a Treatment Center

There are over 13,000 treatment facilities available in the United States, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Only a small number of these deal directly with clients who seek an upscale experience, and not all offer every type of treatment. It is important to understand that doctors and other healthcare providers typically possess specializations in one or more form of addiction treatment, and this is particularly important for clients seeking to undergo detoxification procedures during their stay at the rehab center. You should look for a center that offers specialized care in the type of addiction faced by the prospective client, as well as for centers that offer methods that are amenable to the client’s sensibilities. Fill out our quick contact form for assistance with locating the best drug rehab centers for yourself or a loved one, or call our confidential support line at 1-888-968-9816 Who Answers? for more information on finding a luxury rehab center that best fits your needs or your family’s.

Counting the Costs

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health issued by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 23.5 million people over the age of 11 needed assistance with illicit drug or alcohol abuse problems in 2009. The report also states that this represents 9.4 percent of all people in the United States in that age range. Only 2.6 million of those who needed such treatment received it at a dedicated care facility, according to the same survey. A lack of quality care can lead to relapse and necessitate further rehabilitation. Those admitted to luxury rehab centers are far more likely to enjoy their stay at such facilities, but they must also consider the cost of luxury amenities. Program managers can assist prospective clients or their liaisons with understanding what fees, costs and extra pricing may apply to meals, activities, lessons or other features available at each center. Many centers include all of these potential costs as part of the overall total, but more specialized facilities may only offer a la carte pricing for clients to use as they build customized itineraries. Many high-end insurance providers can help offset costs related to addiction and physical or mental healthcare, and some companies may also have special funds available for management or executive professionals.

Additional Considerations

Due to the resort-like amenities offered by luxury rehab centers, some guests may wish to focus more on the vacation aspects of the facility instead of on the rehabilitation processes. Most program managers are very skilled in helping clients balance these two aspects found primarily at luxury facilities. Counselors on hand can also help guests in the vacation mentality understand how rehabilitation can assist them with their future goals and dreams, and many who are reluctant to enter any form of rehab may find that the resort amenities make participation in counseling, psychiatric diagnosis or group therapy far more palatable than those found at less upscale locations. For more information on luxury rehab centers in your area and on how to live a healthy lifestyle after recovery, call our 24-hour help line at 1-888-968-9816 Who Answers? .