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Top Ativan Rehab Centers

It’s common for people addicted to Ativan to experience a wide range of withdrawal symptoms, including hallucinations, memory loss, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, depression, and seizures. The withdrawal symptoms not only make it difficult for many users to stop taking the pills but also make it necessary to find a residential rehabilitation program with experienced medical staff on-site. While the detoxification process isn’t easy, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do it on your own. Finding the best inpatient Ativan rehab facility in your area will allow you to undergo detox in a safe environment and to get all the support you need to discontinue the use of the drug.

Choosing the Best Private Ativan Treatment Facility

What is Ativan?

Ativan, a brand name of lorazepam, is used to treat anxiety, acute seizures, and insomnia. Some doctors also administer Ativan in large doses to sedate patients undergoing surgery. Ativan slows down the brain function, relaxing the person taking the pill. Because Ativan affects the chemicals in the brain that cause anxiety when unbalanced, the drug is most often used to treat patients who suffer from anxiety attacks. Ativan comes in tablet form, and typical adult dosages are 0.5 mg, 1 mg, or 2 mg. Doctors may prescribe the use of Ativan several times per day, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, with a maximum daily dosage of 6 mg.

Causes of Ativan Addiction

Ativan relaxes the body, but people addicted to it tend to feel anxious or nervous when the medication wears off, triggering the need to take another dose Centers.orgAtivan addiction typically comes from using the medication daily over an extended period of time or using the medication in large doses. With prolonged usage, your body becomes dependent on the pill, and when you quickly stop using the drug, withdrawal symptoms develop. Ativan relaxes the body, but people addicted to it tend to feel anxious or nervous when the medication wears off, triggering the need to take another dose. They may find themselves lying to their doctors about their symptoms to get a higher dose or buying additional pills in the street once their prescription runs out.

Addiction to Ativan can be both physical and psychological. Users experiencing a psychological addiction may find themselves needing the drug to normally function throughout the day or becoming obsessed with obtaining pills. Users who have a physical dependence to the drug often experience withdrawal symptoms when they aren’t taking Ativan and find themselves developing a tolerance to the prescribed dosage. Because Ativan has physical withdrawal symptoms, it’s important to consider enrolling yourself in a long-term Ativan rehabilitation center when you decide to stop taking the drug.

Why Stop Taking Ativan?

Long-term use of Ativan has adverse health effects, which is why most doctors prescribe the use of the medication only for a period of two to four weeks. People who take Ativan over an extended period of time could show signs of liver impairment, depression, or chronic intoxication. People who suffer from chronic intoxication often have slurred speech, constant headaches, and impaired vision. Since the possible long-term effects of Ativan are extreme, it’s important that you find the best rehab for addiction to Ativan in your area when you’re ready to stop taking the medication.

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