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Top Vicodin Rehab Centers

Vicodin addiction occurs as a result of prolonged or recreational use of this popular narcotic-based painkiller. Similar to other addictions, Vicodin dependency has various negative implications among users. These include work-related conflicts, damaged relationships, educational setbacks, and ruined social life. Clearly, nobody wishes to leave such a trail of destruction in his or her life due to lack of sobriety. The top Vicodin rehab centers can assist you to regain lifestyle temperance while guaranteeing privacy and comfort during your stay. Take a positive step today by admitting your problem and seeking assistance from one of our numerous residential rehabilitation programs in your city or state.

Choosing the Best Private Vicodin Treatment Facility

there has been a dramatic increase in the number of hydrocodone prescriptions in the US since 2006.ABC NewsAccording to an ABC news report, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of hydrocodone prescriptions in the US since 2006. A national survey by IMS Health showed that figures increased from 121 million in 2006 to 131 million in 2011. No wonder, experts estimate that roughly two million Americans are addicted to this popular analgesic. The good news is that you can stop using Vicodin and revert to your previous drug-free life simply by joining a top-rated rehab center for addiction to Vicodin. Numerous such establishments are available in the US, but choosing a suitable one can become a thorny issue.

Generally, rehab centers operate on laid down philosophies with the aim to reclaim an addict’s sobriety and normal life. Thus an upscale Vicodin addiction program should first address the severe chemical imbalances caused by the drug among users by providing suitable means of detoxification. This can be either medical or non-medical detox, depending on the recommendations of the in-house addiction psychiatrist. You might experience a number of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms as a result of detox from the drug. The team of experts at a detox facility should be on standby to provide assistance, safety and personalized support to ease the withdrawal symptoms of patients.

An effective rehabilitation process should also uncover the root causes of Vicodin addiction among patients. This is key to addressing the hidden cause of self-medication. Users usually harbor unresolved physical, mental and emotional issues in the first place, which ultimately contribute to the increased use of painkillers. Thus a holistic approach to treatment, care and management is effective in uncovering such deep-seated issues and addressing them squarely to bring upon resolution. Any shortcut approach to treatment will only bring temporary reprieve, and the patient is likely to relapse once he or she returns to his or her normal life.

Another feature of an upscale Vicodin addiction program is relapse prevention. Once you return home, you are most likely to encounter some of the old triggers of Vicodin use. Therefore, it is imperative for the rehab center to treat not only the addiction but also to empower you with a strong personal belief system that will help avoid possible relapse. This is usually achieved using combined therapy and a multidisciplinary customized approach to tackling addiction among patients. Research proves that long-term therapy lasting 30-days or more is highly effective in treating Vicodin addiction. If you or your loved one is suffering from such an addiction, it’s never too late to get help.

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