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Top Lorazepam Rehab Centers

Lorazepam, also known as Ativan, is a prescription drug used to treat anxiety, insomnia, sedation of aggressive or hospitalized patients and acute seizures. It can be very addictive and can cause cognitive impairment with long-term use. In those using it without respecting their physician’s directives, or without a prescription, it can cause a variety of side effects, like amnesia, depression, excitement and seizures. Symptoms of withdrawal that are often felt when abruptly ceasing lorazepam use can include insomnia, anxiety and psychosis. Any residential rehabilitation program can become more effective when the support of family and friends to aid the road to recovery is included. Many of the top inpatient lorazepam rehab centers make this an integral part of a person’s rehabilitation. Customizable treatment programs have now become the norm, allowing a person to adapt their rehabilitation to their changing needs as they move toward complete recovery.

Choosing the Best Private Lorazepam Treatment Facility

Treatment has been shown to be most effective when one is enrolled in a 45- to 90-day lorazepam rehabilitation center, as this length of time has been shown to be key in avoiding relapse and in increasing adherence to a program. Normal parts of treatment for lorazepam addiction are behavioral intervention, a gradual decrease of the dose of the drug or any other appropriate medical interventions to help manage symptoms of withdrawal. Top-rated rehab for addiction to lorazepam usually includes these methods combined with others for a comprehensive recovery.

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Signs of a lorazepam overdose can include mental confusion, drowsiness, coma, respiratory depression and even death. Treatment of overdose usually includes a gastric lavage, emetics and activated charcoal whenever necessary, as well as observation of the patient’s vital signs. An antidote may be administered whenever it is deemed necessary by a medical professional. An overdose is serious and dangerous. If you or your loved one is exhibiting signs of a lorazepam overdose, call emergency services immediately. To avoid the risk of suffering the effects of an overdose, call us today to find the best inpatient rehab center for you. Our advisors are standing by 24-7 on our toll-free line to answer any questions about programs in your area and to advise you on what the best program is for you.

Treatment of overdose usually includes a gastric lavage, emetics and activated charcoal whenever necessary, as well as observation of the patient’s vital signs.Centers.orgUpscale addiction recovery programs are available throughout the country and offer a variety of options to make your treatment effective and enjoyable. Take this opportunity to end the cycle of addiction by requesting more information about treatment. Reach out by involving your friends and/or family in the decisions of where, how, with who and when you would like to be treated. The right long-term rehabilitation is out there for you. Whether it’s an upscale, luxury program, a Christian 12-step program or a wilderness program, recovery is within your reach. Call us today to discuss all your options and to ask any questions you may have about addiction and treatment.