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Top Bath Salts Rehab Centers

Bath salts are water-soluble, inorganic substances added to bath water to mimic the medical value obtained by bathing in mineral-rich hot springs. Many bath salts, however, contain the ingredient mephedrone, which, when consumed, acts as a stimulant and produces an effect close to that produced by abuse of cocaine. You can have the effects of bath salt use treated through residential rehabilitation programs. Mephedrone, the active ingredient in bath salts, has withdrawal symptoms similar to those of amphetamine. The symptoms include insomnia, increased blood pressure, loss of appetite and paranoia. Bath salt addictions may lead to cardiac diseases such as palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain or heart attack. An overdose can lead to acute psychosis, and the patient may become suicidal. Residential bath salt rehabilitation programs offer 24-hour medical treatment that effectively treats the long-term and short-term effects of bath salt addiction.

Choosing the Best Private Bath Salts Treatment Facility

The problem of bath salt addiction has grown in the United States, as shown by the high number of bath salt-related 911 calls received. Apart from mephedrone, other ingredients in bath salts that may cause addictions include methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), a psychoactive drug that has stimulant properties, and methylone, another stimulant. In addition to cardiac complications, bath salt addiction can cause psychiatric problems such as anxiety, anger, visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, fatigue, paranoia, depression, panic, memory loss and poor concentration. To have adequate time for recovery, 45- to 90-day bath salt rehabilitation centers offer the best facilities for chemical detoxification, counseling, medical treatment and therapy. You can join a residential treatment program, which will make sure you have access to round-the-clock medical attention and emotional support from well-trained staff.

Bath salts are very addictive, and they create an unpleasant feeling immediately after ingestion…Centers.orgUpscale bath salt addiction programs should have adequate facilities to handle the different side effects that result from withdrawal symptoms during treatment. Bath salts are very addictive, and they create an unpleasant feeling immediately after ingestion, but they also create such a strong craving that users may seek drug rehabilitation as early as one month after they start abusing bath salts. It is not yet clear what the effects of long-term bath salt use are; however, treatment of bath salt addiction is available when you attend a top-rated rehab for addiction to bath salts. Behavioral change is a very important part of treatment. It is important to note that you will need all the emotional and psychological help you can get to overcome bath salt addiction.

Given the intense craving that the drug induces, you should consider a 45- to 90-day bath salt rehabilitation center when you are choosing a treatment program. The primary focus of treatment is usually to stabilize the body after withdrawal symptoms occur through body training and physiotherapy. Top-rated bath salt rehabilitation facilities will also give you complementary counseling and therapeutic services, which prepare you to return to a normal life after treatment.

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