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Chicago Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

If you feel that you, a friend or a family member is being affected by drug or alcohol addiction, it can be difficult to know what to do. You likely have a lot of questions about addiction and how to treat it. Whether it is prescription drugs, street drugs or alcohol, there are plenty of rehabilitation centers in Chicago, Illinois that can help. It is never too late to seek help, no matter how long someone has been addicted. If you don’t know where to turn or how to get help, call 1-888-968-9816 Who Answers? to find out more about rehab programs and how to get started with one.

Facility Listings

Addiction Treatment Facilities in Chicago

A person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol does not have to stay addicted forever. This person can get back to the life he or she once had by seeking treatment at a facility like the ones listed below. Take a look at the list to find the one nearest you. Click on any link you’re interested in for more information about the facility and the process of addiction recovery. You can also call our toll-free hotline anytime of the day or night so that we can assist you on the road to recovery. Remember, it is never too late to take back your life and break the addiction cycle.